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在軟體產業有數年的經驗, 曾經寫過iPhone及Android的APP以及各式網站
目前主要是用rails developer的身分再發展開發
如果你對web 開發有興趣都可以問我


4+ years experience backend engineer expertise in architecture and scalable system.
full-stack web developer and mobile(android, iphone, phonegap) app developer.

At present working at Vpon Inc. I have been contributing myself to whole website architecture design and building devops environment as the tech lead in the realm of rails and front-end(react js).

In 2010 I joined TSMC, which is worldwide recognized as the NO.1 semi-conductor manufacturer, as a software developer and was assigned to be in charge of website architecture design and implementation. Later on, I changed my career path and chose to work for CHUNGHWA TELECOM which is the No.1 telecom operator in Taiwan. In which I was responsible for full stack web development, iOS app and android app development.

At Vpon
1.Main rails and front-end(react js) developer
2.Design and build the whole web architecture
3.Build Jenkins ci testing and Docker deploying environment
4.Code reviewer

● Development: GitLab, Docker, AWS
● Back-end: Ruby on Rails
● Front-end: React JS, BackBone JS
● Process: Test-driven development, Rails(use rspec-given), JS(use webpack, mocha, karma)

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